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Window Tinting

Window Tinting and Films

Floyd's Glass offers window tinting using high quality window films. For your automotive, home and business needs we offer window films that offer UV protection and security or act as glass enhancement.

Automotive Window Tinting

Our tinting department is well versed in all aspects of automotive, residential and commercial window tinting. We have expert installers and carry the best warranty available. Many shades are available, it's scratch resistant and we cut single pieces for backglasses so that there are no seams.

Our line of Automotive Window Films
  • Reject 99% of UV rays
  • Repel heat to leave the interior of your vehicle cool and comfortable
  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce fading by preventing excessive heat buildup and blocking UV rays
  • Provide a durable scratch resistant surface
  • Are fully manufacturer warranted
  • Reduce the risk of injury from flying glass in an accident

Sun-Gard Solar Control Films

Glass, a beautiful feature in our daily surrounding; adds exciting elements to home styles, creates space and brings natural light to our every day environment. But all that glass has its price - allowing in the Sun's damaging UV radiation, annoying glare, excessive heat and increasing energy costs. With Sun-Gard solar control films, you can enjoy the beauty of windows and doors while controlling these elements, for life in a better light.

Sun-Gard window films:

  • Blocks heat before it enters your home and the films insulation properties diminish heat loss through the glass for noticeable energy savings.
  • Reflect up to 78% of the sun's heat, allowing you to more effectively control the temperature throughout your home and create a comfortable living space.
  • Impede the damaging effects of the sun by reducing UV radiation by up to 99% and controlling excessive heat and light, protecting and prolonging the life of your belongings.
  • Help hold a broken pane of glass together, keeping dangerous shards of glass attached to the film's adhesive systems. Window film products are advocated by many non-profit consumer safety organizations as an effective way to protect against glass related injuries.
  • Add style, distinction and value to your property by creating uniformity to the exterior appearance. Films are available in a wide variety of shades and styles to suit any architectural requirement.
  • Are composed of thin layers of metallized and dyed, optically clear polyester laminated with special adhesives and protected by a durable, scratch resistant coating.

Talk to us about all your window film needs: we are the experts!

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